our story

Inspired by mila

Mila was founded by three dads who lived in Shanghai for over a decade and experienced urban air pollution first-hand. From this we realized how important air purifiers were for the health of our families.

The problem is most people don't understand air purifiers. The science is confusing, the units are expensive, and manufacturers gouge customers on replacement filters. Most customers just buy a single large unit thinking it will cover their whole home. It doesn't. Air purifiers are like air conditioners. You need one for every room, but that gets really expensive.

As entrepreneurs we decided to do something about it. Our goal was to take the complexity out of home air purifiers and make protecting your family’s health easy and affordable. We even named the product Mila after one of our daughters. We wanted to speak to our customers as three fathers, well that and Mila is redicilously cute ;-)

We hope Mila becomes an important addition to your home, and keeps your family safe, happy, and healthy, like she does ours.