Fresh air never
looked so good.

Let’s face it, most air purifiers look like oversized toasters. Mila is the perfect balance of design and performance.

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The perfect balance of design and performance.

Mila covers up to 32m2 of living space, thanks to a precision-engineered 360° intake, and powerful top-firing turbine producing 250 m3/h of clean air per hour (CADR).

  • Performance certified
    Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
  • Up to
    Room coverage

Certified 3M HEPA performance.

Mila packs a best-in-class 3M HEPA filter certified to remove up to 99.97% of ariborn particulate, such as harmful PM2.5, bacteria and fungal spores, dust and pet dander, allergens…

  • Certified to remove
    Of pollutants 0.3 microns (or) larger.

Remove household odor and harmful chemicals.

Mila uses uses granular activated carbon adsorption to reduce household odor as well as volatile organic compounds and other chemicals, like formaldehyde and benzene.

  • Certified to remove
    Of formaldyhyde within 120 minutes

Elegant, yet intelligent.

Mila uses an array of sensors to track indoor pollution levels, then adjusts fan speeds to maintain optimal air quality in each room.

Monitor every room, from anywhere.

The Mila app helps you track the quality of your air both indoors and outdoors, and sensors on each Mila ensure you’re safe and in control. Learn more about the app.

Whisper quiet, literally.

Mila whispers at barely audible low speeds to maintain air quality, just like your home air conditioner. Mila at maximum hums at 60 dBA.

  • Acoustic level at low speed
  • Acoustic level under load

Low power consumption, high efficiency.

Mila has very low power consumtion, using as much electricity per days as yor typical coffee maker.

  • power consumption
    per day