Monitor every room.

Did you know your indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside? Knowing what's in the air you breathe is vital to ensuring your family’s health.

Track your outdoor air.

Mila monitors the air quality in over 6,000 cities around the world, giving you the ability to monitor the air in your community.

Completely in control.

Set your Mila into Smart Mode and never worry about air quality again. Each unit will continuously monitor the indoor air quality and automatically adjust the operation of your air purifier.

Coming Soon

On your wrist.

Coming soon to a wrist near you, the Mila Watch app makes monitoring your air as simple as checking the time.

Setup in three simple steps.

Installing the Mila app couldn’t be simpler.

  • Get the app. Download the Mila app on your iOS device.
  • Plugin your Mila units. Power-on your Mila units by plugging the power cord in. You may set up several units simultaneously.
  • Press and hold the display button for 3 seconds to pair each unit. Wait until “888” appears on the display. Then open the app and click Manage Units under the Settings menu. Enter your WiFi password and the app will automatically detect the new units ready to pair.